Brent Groot

Hi There! My name is Brent and I am one of the founders of the rushn network.

Myself and 2 other partners started out in business in the late 80’s and decided to get into the t-shirt business when brands like Stussy and Mossimo were just becoming popular.

During the 90’s we started manufacturing and creating our own in-house brands which have done quite well over the years.

We have also worked on the marketing and distribution of some large (and small) US brands and introduced them to the Australian market.

Then came the internet.

During the noughties we became heavy involved in the online world. This included web development and online brand development. This, we felt was where the future lay. All brands need to be present in this new online world right?

We still maintain our roots in the apparel and merchandise industries. However, given our company history we are now merging these two worlds to create a bright new future.

We believe it is possible for almost anyone to join this online revolution in any nook or industry domain.

We have build and managed many businesses over the years and given our history we can show you how to do it to.

Over the years we have created a process for starting, building and running online businesses. We share that process on my blog, where we discuss the idea of working from anywhere on something you love.

If you are interested you can check it out here: