The portfolio business model has been a huge focus for our business in the past few years. Having built up a large network of websites in loads of different industries. We have decided to share our knowledge and consolidate our portfolio.

We are currently managing 26 sites in 8 core industries outside of our print network.

What is a Portfolio?

If you’re not familiar with this business model, we’ll explain it in 3 simple steps.

  1. We build strategic websites in underdeveloped markets and get them to a point where they earn an income. A micro business so to speak.
  2. Additionally, we have been buying established websites in strategic markets and adding them to our portfolio.
  3. We are now partnering with content creators to build and market micro businesses in the creator’s field of knowledge.

We manage a ‘portfolio’ of different branded websites.

The next logical step for us is to expand into portfolio management. With over 15 years growing and managing our own portfolio we feel we can really add some value.

Portfolio Management

This is where we manage a customer’s site (or another portfolio) for a set monthly fee and then share in any upside growth that our management team delivers for the site owner.

This can be a big win win for our team and the site owner.

Individual Site Sales

This is where we find a good home for some of our websites.

Individuals can purchase an already income generating branded website that has (in some cases) years of consistent revenue under its belt.

Building from scratch has some degree of risk involved, so purchasing an established site has many benefits.

Learn to Do This Yourself

Our team leader in this new business arena is the company founder. Find out about it here.